Active Green + Ross Franchise Frequently Asked Questions



Q. When I buy an Active Green + Ross Franchise, do I receive a protected territory?

A. Yes, you do receive a protective territory when you buy our franchise.

Q. What does the franchise fee cover?

A. The franchise fee covers services you are provided with such as training, site selection, legal fees, shop layout and use of our trademarks.

Q. Can I sell my franchise?

A. Yes, it can be resold provided that the purchaser is approved by Active Tire & Auto Centre Inc.

Q. Does Active Green + Ross provide financing?

A. While we do not provide financing ourselves, if you have sufficient capital to make the initial investment, most banks will lend you the balance of the funding necessary to open your shop.

Q. How long has your company been in business?

A. We opened our first shop in the summer of 1982 and we have continued to grow ever since.

Q. How long have you been franchising?

A. We franchised our first shop in 1983.

Q. What is the royalty fee?

A. The royalty is 6% of gross retail sales (3% only on wholesale tire sales). We also charge an additional 2 1/2% of retail sales for advertising which flows right back into your market.

Q. What qualifications do I need to become an Active Green + Ross Tire & Auto Centre franchisee?

A. You do not require prior automotive experience to be successful in our program. Our franchisees come from various backgrounds, but they all possess one common quality, which is the desire to succeed.

Q. Is the cost of the initial training included in your franchise fee?

A. Yes, it is.

Q. What type of marketing programs do you use?

A. We use flyers, newspaper advertising, radio and television. We have found these to be our best media sources. All our advertising is prepared and coordinated through our head office internal advertising department.

Q. Do you have a field representative who calls on me and how often will I see this individual?

A. Yes, we do have a field representative who will call on you and they are available by phone on a daily basis and will visit you as often as required.

Q. Do you have ongoing meetings for franchisees to ask questions, express concerns and give you general comments?

A. Yes, we have meetings on a regular basis with our franchisees to discuss new marketing programs, operational programs and we utilize these sessions to obtain general comments from the franchisees. We encourage open and honest dialogue with our franchisees and we always value their input.

Q. Do you guarantee that I will make a lot of money?

A. Our franchisee demands a lot of hard work, it is not a get rich scheme. You must have the drive and desire to succeed and you must be committed and dedicated to your business. This will potentially enable you to earn an attractive salary and provide you with a reasonable return on your investment., ,