I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Had a flat and didn't want to drive far on the spare tire ... all at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon. Anthony gave me options, was patient and worked to find me the best price.


Active Green + Ross #3899


the service was excellent. the only negative comment i have is that they stated my vehicle was 2012 when in fact it is a 2016.

Josie M.

Active Green + Ross #777


This location is staffed with terific people who provide super service.

John G.

Active Green + Ross #825


Great job, I am very happy with service


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Thank you for the service that is both efficient and cost effective. The new owner of this location has made a significant effort and change that will keep me coming back as a customer. Prior G&R almost lost my business.

Sandra S.

Active Green + Ross #73


My oil change cost less than usual as they have a new synthetic oil for Honda vehicles. They didn't have to tell me this as I would have continued to pay the higher rate without being made aware of this new oil. They are very honest! Appreciated


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The personnel at that location is absolutely wonderful and competent.

Ralf B.

Active Green + Ross #381


Proactive, knowledgeable, friendly, with excellent customer service skills

John C.

Active Green + Ross #859


The owner looked after me himself and was very attentive. The mechanic was excellent from beginning to end. 100% satisfied !!! A+

Howie M.

Active Green + Ross #2006


Very helpful and knowledgeable staff

Gary G.

Active Green + Ross #38